Energy Regulation and Policy

Dan Cass Lateline July2017
Dan Cass explaining ‘negawatts’ or demand response on ABC TV Lateline

My energy policy work focuses on the National Electricity Market. I have led the development of policy and regulatory reform strategy based on the rising cost-competitiveness of cleantech.

Energy systems are being revolutionised by technology. Electric vehicles, solar and wind power and batteries are being paired with new business models that empower consumers. Old companies and business models are in a death spiral, unless they can innovate.

It is now being recognised that there are two distinct forces driving the clean energy revolution; climate policy and price.

If clean energy technology will increasingly beat fossil fuels on price, then markets must be reformed to unleash this great opportunity. This is the core focus of my work at The Australia Institute, where I am Energy Policy & Regulatory Lead.

This is something I write about for mainstream media – from The Guardian Australia to the Hobart Mercury – and energy industry publications talk about at energy and climate conferences and in the media, such as ABC TV ‘Lateline’ in 2017.

I have published papers on a range of popular and obscure energy topics: