Dan Cass has 16 years experience communicating sustainability, including 7 years as communications manager Australia Pacific for Greenpeace.

Dan Cass & Co. delivers impactful communications services across these areas:

  • strategy
  • team and alliance leadership
  • crisis management
  • campaign planning and implementation
  • advertising
  • social media
  • media training

Case studies


Sungevity, a key global solar innovator, required a communications and stakeholder strategy to establish its leadership in the Australian Renewable Energy Target debate. Dan provided the strategy and delivered media coaching to the Chairperson.

University of Melbourne

When the University of Melbourne created its Melbourne Energy Institute, it needed to communicate this initiative to Australian and international governments and agencies. Dan created the lobbying strategy and led the lobbying meetings.

Maldives climate alliance

Dan worked in the Maldives to create the communications strategy for a global media event hosted by the President of the Maldives, Mohamad Nasheed. This was an innovative alliance between the government of the Maldives and solar companies Sungevity, LG, Kaco and, a leading climate NGO.

WaterAid Australia

Dan Cass & Co. developed a 5 year communications strategy for WaterAid Australia. Dan then implemented key parts of the strategy, including managing national media events, handling international media relations, crisis management and leading foreign correspondents to WaterAid projects in Timor Leste.

Hepburn Wind

Dan was a director and chair of the public affairs committee of the board, guiding communications strategy, brand awareness and media relations through the period when Hepburn Wind raised $9.9m in shareholder funds and launched Australia’s first community-owned wind farm.

Friends of the Earth

The nanotechnology project of Friends of the Earth needed to redesign its campaign to have impact in the national media and with government. Dan delivered a communications strategy which took account of the latest science, industry developments and the policy environment.

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