Strategic alliances

Dan Cass & Co. is an innovator, developing new kinds of strategic alliances between sustainable businesses and the community.

We believe that business/community alliances can cut through the debate about carbon and climate and liberate the power of markets to deliver clean energy solutions.

Finance analysts such as Citi are predicting multi-trillion dollar growth in clean energy. Yet policy uncertainty in key markets creates risk, which threatens growth and frustrates community aspirations for a cleaner environment.

Powerful, working alliances between clean energy companies and the community are the emerging best practice strategy for corporate and NGO clients.

Case studies

Clean energy alliances

Clean energy companies and community advocates decided to work together to promote a common agenda. Dan provided the strategy for creating alliances and then drove the communications and networking required to shift the national debate.


Vestas, a global market leader in wind technology, was launching a global campaign to position the company brand and support the clean energy agenda. Dan advised at global VP level on community agendas and networks.


Sungevity, a key global solar innovator, required a communications and stakeholder strategy to establish its leadership in the Australian Renewable Energy Target debate. Dan provided the strategy and delivered media coaching to the Chairperson.

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